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Silver Fence

Silver Fence forms the Northern boundary of a public route that runs East-West at the rear of Kings Gate and The Zig Zag Building, parallel with Victoria Street. The passageway is part of a shared surface landscape design by Vogt and BDP Landscape architects, and abuts the District Line tube tunnel directly to the North. Silver Fence acts as a protective edge for the pedestrians and the delivery vehicles that use the route daily, and is the backdrop to the two new public spaces that run North-South from Victoria Street - Angela Hooper Place and Kings Gate Walk. It is part of sequence of edges in fact, that include Silver Forest, Birdstane and the trees and benches that line the two new public spaces, as well as the ornamental and decorative surfaces within the two new buildings. Constructed from very economic standard hollow anodised aluminium sections, the fence appears to billow and swell, in plan and in section, echoing the rhythmic motifs established by the artworks and the near by trees, and acting as a tense backdrop to the movement of sunlight across the site. The fence appears to open and contract as you pass by it; a pleasurable urban experience.

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