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Soulton Leasow Shropshire

This project - a master plan for the Soulton Estate, near to Wem in rural Shropshire, includes a new community of 30 family homes grouped around a large, shared communal garden orchard. The site for the houses sits to the east of Soulton Hall, a beautiful Tudor house at the centre of a large arable farm. The estate also comprises of a recently constructed Long Barrow where the remains of the deceased can be housed in stone niches; and a grassy amphitheatre that is used by The National Youth Theatre and local drama groups. The site for the housing is a long wedge shaped field. To the south will be placed an allotment. Cars are placed to the north of the site, beside a new community hall, workshops and the existing bus stop. The houses are a mix of 2 and 3 bedroom 2 story homes, with intricate front stoops and longer more private back gardens, and will be made of local brick and roof tiles, and oak from a forest on the estate half a mile away. The master plan is currently being consulted upon and is at the pre-application stage.

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A Short Film about the new village Soulton Leasow